The TOEFL Exam

TOEFL EXAM: Test Of English as Foreign Language.

The necessary exam for entry to universities in the United States. Academic language.

Who is it for?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam (TOEFL EXAM) measures the capability of non-native speakers of English to utilize and comprehend North American English as it is spoken, composed and heard in college and university settings.

Most people who take the TOEFL test are preparing to study at colleges and universities where instruction remains in English. In addition, numerous federal government firms, scholarship programs, and licensing/certification companies make use of TOEFL scores to evaluate English proficiency.

Variations of the TOEFL Exam test

You can do the test on paper or on a computer system, depending where you live.The test comes in 2 formats:


Paper-based test (PBT).

next generation computer-based test (iBT).


The iBT is not yet available at every test center. If it is offered at your regional center then you will need to do it. If not you will do the PBT.


There is also a test for more youthful students called TOEFL Junior ®


Where do I take the TOEFL Exam test?


At a test center in your nation. The test is organised by the Educational Testing Service. You can sign up for the TOEFL  online.

Click here to sign up.

How much does the TOEFL test cost to take?


Costs of the TOEFL iBT differ in each country ranging from $160 to $240.

The paper-based TOEFL is $160.

What materials do I require?

Tips for the TOEFL ® examination.


The TOEFL exam takes several hours to complete. Be prepared!




Check out the instructions and questions thoroughly prior to you listen.

Keep in mind taking is allowed. You must practice this.

Keep in mind, one lecture is consulted with a British or Australian accent.

Attempt to get an idea of the situation. Who are the speakers? Where are they? Why are they speaking?

In some questions a portion of the lecture or discussion is replayed so you don't have to rely on memory of exactly what was stated.

Listen for 'signpost words' such as nevertheless, although and lastly. They assist you to expect exactly what the speaker will state.

For some concerns you will have to comprehend the speaker's mindset. Pay attention to voice tones and other hints to determine how the speakers feel about the subject.


TOEFL Reading.

Academic Reading Skills.


The Reading section procedures test takers' capability to comprehend university-level scholastic texts and passages. In English-speaking scholastic environments students are expected to check out and understand details from books and other types of academic product. Below are three possible functions for academic reading.

Checking out purposes include.


Reading to find details.

Basic understanding.

Reading to find out.


Checking out Section Format.


The TOEFL iBT test includes three basic categories of academic texts.




Historic biographical/event narrative.


Test takers do not require any unique background understanding to correctly address the questions in the Reading section; all the details had to address the concerns is included in the passages.


Test takers have to review or scroll to the end of each passage prior to receiving concerns on that passage.


Length of passage Number of passages and concerns Timing.

Approximately 700 words 3-5 passages.

12-14 concerns per passage 60-100 minutes.


TOEFL ® Listening.

Academic Listening Skills.


The Listening area steps test takers' capability to understand spoken English from North America and other English-speaking countries. In scholastic environments students have to pay attention to lectures and discussions. Below are 3 possible purposes for academic listening.

Listening purposes consist of.


Listening for standard comprehension.

Listening for pragmatic understanding.

Linking and synthesizing details.


Listening Section Format.


Listening materials in the brand-new test include academic lectures and long conversations where the speech sounds really natural. Test takers can make note on any listening product throughout the whole test.

Listening Material Number of concerns Timing.

4-- 6 lectures, 3-- 5 minutes long each.

About 500 words 6 concerns per lecture 60-90 minutes.

2-- 3 conversations, about 3 minutes long, about 12-- 25 exchanges 5 questions per conversation.


TOEFL iBT Speaking Section.

Academic Speaking Skills.


The TOEFL speaking area takes 20 minutes to complete and consists of 6 sections. It is done on a computer system. Your answers are tape-recorded and sent to ETS for marking.


The TOEFL EXAM speaking tests include academic situations set both inside and outside the class.

In classrooms, there are scenarios where you have to:.


respond to questions.

support class discussions.

check out or pay attention to something then summarize it.

give your viewpoint of subjects under conversation.


In circumstances outside the class, you need to:.


participate in discussions with management personnel, such as at the library.

take part in casual conversations with other students.

provide your viewpoint about something.


Description of the speaking jobs.


Independent Tasks.


Individual Preference - Preparation time: 15 seconds Response time: 45 seconds.

This question will ask you to discuss an individual, place, object or occasion that is familiar to you.

Choice - Preparation time: 15 seconds Response time: 45 seconds.

You will exist with 2 situations or opinions. You'll be asked which you like and you need to discuss your option.



Integrated Tasks.


3. Campus Situation Topic: Fit and Explain. Prep work time: 30 seconds Response time: 60 seconds.


A reading passage (75-- 100 words) presents a campus-related problem.

A listening passage (60-- 80 seconds, 150-- 180 words) discuss the concern in the reading passage.

The question asks the test taker to summarize the speaker's viewpoint within the context of the reading passage.


4. Academic Course Topic: General/ Specific. Prep work time: 30 seconds Response time: 60 seconds.


A reading passage (75-- 100 words) broadly defines a term, process, or idea from an academic topic.


An excerpt from a lecture (60-- 90 seconds; 150-- 220 words) supplies examples and certain details to show the term, procedure, or idea from the reading passage.


The question asks the test taker to combine and communicate essential details from the reading passage and the lecture excerpt.



5. School Situation Topic: Problem/ Solution. Prep work time: 20 seconds Response time: 60 seconds.


The listening passage (60-- 90 seconds; 180-- 220 words) is a conversation about a student-related problem and 2 possible options.

The question asks the test taker to demonstrate an understanding of the issue and to express an opinion about addressing the issue.


6. Academic Course Topic: Summary. Preparation time: 20 seconds Response time: 60 seconds.


The listening passage for the toefl exam is an excerpt from a lecture (90-- 120 seconds; 230-- 280 words) that discusses a term or principle and provides concrete examples to illustrate that term or principle.

The question asks the test taker to summarize the lecture and show an understanding of the relationship between the examples and the overall topic.